Do you master technology?

…oder does technology master you?

Do you drive a Porsche 911 with 40 miles/h on the right lane?

most people are using IT exactly this way.

Do you also open your regular mail...

…every five minutes?

iPads only increase the costs...

…when they are not implemented professionally.

All who ignore digital transformation today...

…will be jobless tomorrow.

BMW After Sales Conference

Vorstellung Thorsten Jekel

Introduction Thorsten Jekel

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As an IT entrepreneur, author, and speaker, Thorsten Jekel – management expert and MBA – is THE expert on Digital Working.  He speaks from 30+ years of professional experience in sales, in project management for the service and IT industries, and from his longtime experience in management in the SME sector.

Since 2010, Jekel has been supporting people and businesses in the productive use of new digital technologies. He has worked with, for example, Coca-Cola, Transgourmet (REWE-Foodservice), and the Sparkasse Insurance to successfully introduce up to 1,700 iPads for use in sales.

As a sought-after sparring partner for managers, executives, and entrepreneurs, Jekel shows – in his practical and visionary lectures – how they can best use digital technologies for themselves.

How did Thorsten Jekel come to the topic of Digital Transformation?

Even as a student, Thorsten Jekel was already fascinated with IT. His parents gave him a Commodore C64 for Christmas. He started out just playing on it, but he quickly became bored with playing and began to program. While he was still a student, he developed a software for the calculation of employee bonuses, which he sold to a company.

After his graduation and military service, Jekel began his career in 1988 with the computer pioneer, Heinz Nixdorf. Through Nixdorf, he learned absolute customer orientation, sales, and how IT could be used intelligently.

While working at Nixdorf, he met his present wife, with whom he has a grown daughter.

After successfully completing his degree in business management (BA), he started out selling POS systems, then electronic cash terminals, and finally customer card systems, such as the Douglas Card.

Later, while working at Tchibo Coffee Service, Thorsten Jekel was among those responsible for the introduction of a customer relationship management system. Moreover, he was in charge of the project’s SAP R3 implementation, as well as the integration of Eduscho into Tchibo’s IT systems. During his time at Tchibo, Jekel successfully completed the Executive MBA program from the Henley Business School.

At the turn of the millennium, Jekel took over the management of the German office of Vitality. Vitality is a leading international supplier of premium juices, including dispensing systems for customers such as AIDA Cruises and Marriott. Here, he worked with others to introduce a new ERP system and a 360-degree customer management system. In 2007, Jekel was appointed to the European management of Vitality and was responsible for 13 European distributors.

Since 2010, Thorsten Jekel, with his company jekel & team, has supported well-known companies — including Coca-Cola, Transgourmet/REWE-Foodservice, and the SV Sparkassenversicherung – in introducing iPads in sales. Additionally, he supports international corporations in optimizing their e-mail and communications culture, as well as the optimal use of existing and new technologies. As an external Chief Digital Officer, Jekel is a valuable sparring partner for executives, directors, and entrepreneurs.

Companies he works with learn how digital working technologies provide an opportunity to increase productivity and to develop new areas of business.

In his lectures, Thorsten Jekel speaks from a wealth of experience as a manager and sparring partner of CEOs.

Thorsten Jekel was raised in a top-management household and inherited the management gene from his father. With more than 30 years of business experience, he has just the right mix of his own professional background coupled with visionary foresight for your success.

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